Wrap Artist

Oils Nourish the Body, Soften the Skin

Photo Courtesy of Caesars Entertainment

Body wraps are one of the most pampering of spa experiences—a nurturing detoxifying treatment perfect for healing tired, dehydrated skin. They also are beneficial, as they draw out toxins, reduce water retention and relax muscles. Body wraps maximize the benefits of the active ingredients in products, extracting the calming, detoxifying or healing properties. Here are the steps to smooth, healthy skin:

  • Body wraps start by sweeping with a dry body brush, to promote the activity of the lymph system. This helps the body release toxins, carrying impurities away from healthy cells (quite helpful if you’ve been up all night sipping a martini…or two).
  • Next, the therapist will exfoliate the skin by using a body scrub, possibly made from jojoba beads. This gently removes dead skin cells and allows the oils to penetrate the skin better.
  • A healing oil such as grape-seed oil is then massaged all over the body. The client is wrapped with hot towels and/or a sheet, allowing for ultimate absorption into the skin

Shannon Stringert, spa manager at Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars Palace, explains that Qua’s signature body wrap—the Ayurvedic Journey—incorporates an herbal head-to-toe body mask with an Abyhanga massage. This type of massage focuses on longer strokes around the joints to increase circulation and reduce inflammation. Following the massage, the client is wrapped in hot towels and a sheet for up to 20 minutes. The experience concludes with the therapist performing a Shirodhara treatment, “slowly pouring warm oil on the forehead which trickles down the scalp,” says Stringert. “This opens intuition and calms the nervous system.”

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