On the Strip

Color Coded

Photo by Jerry Metellus

Michael Boychuck Gets You The Look

Don’t let the look of this salon fool you. There’s a reason for all the whiteness, as celebrity colorist Michael Boychuck explains. “If you take away all the contrasting features, you see the real person—their true skin and eye color—and then you can pick the right hair color to match,” he says. “There is no false view. If there are too many pigments in the salon, it can throw off the skin tone, the eye color. We want to see the real person when they walk in.”

Boychuck, who claims actress Kirsten Dunst and celebutante Paris Hilton among his many clients, shares a few tips and predictions on what will be hot as the warm weather rolls in. “Anybody can be any color,” he insists. “It’s what’s right for your skin tone. If you want to be a blond, maybe you don’t go platinum but maybe a golden blond. We’ll individualize it for you.”