Fine Tuning

New Yoga Tranquility Center Is Designed To Enhance Mind, Body and Spirit

Photograph by Danny Inglewood

“Yoga is a mind-body-spirit tune-up,” explains Caesars Palace yoga instructor Swami Ramananda. “It’s about looking good and feeling healthy.”

Ramananda, who trained in India and has been teaching yoga for more than four decades, says the ancient practice of breathing and stretching aids in body shaping and toning, promotes healthy blood circulation and stimulates the body’s natural immune system. For travelers, yoga can alleviate the effects of jet lag, boost immunities, and help with sleep and digestion. The latest yoga trend, according to Ramananda, integrates spa before or after a session. Limbs can be heated or cooled at nearby Qua Baths & Spa, where a bevy of temperature-varying options—from whirlpools to massages—await.

“Yoga helps you listen to your body. It’s all about lowering your stress level,” he says.

Classes at the spa’s new Tranquility Center include classic Ashtanga, a rejuvenating yoga; and über-hip Bhartanatyam, a dance yoga combining hip-hop with traditional Hindu music. Ramananda also leads water Qigong, a martial-arts-inspired Chinese yoga that keeps yogis in constant motion. Practiced in the Bacchus swimming pool, it “takes the stress off the knees,” Ramananda says.

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