On the Strip

It’s a Jersey Thing

Travis Cloer Sings Like the Man in Jersey Boys

Photo by Robert John Kley

With the arrival of Jersey Boys to Paris Las Vegas, it only makes sense to introduce Travis Cloer, who plays the original Jersey Boy, Frankie Valli. For Cloer, who has been playing Valli for the past five years, first on Broadway before coming to Vegas, learning to play a character who is a real person has been a pleasure— and a challenge. “Frankie is the most iconic voice in pop-music history,” says Cloer. “Everyone knows his sound. [In the show], he’s driven by the need to succeed and [by] the music onstage. He cares most about the music and getting that out there. And a lot of times, it hurts his personal relationship with his family.” But becoming Valli every night entails more than just warming up vocally; it means getting pointers from the man himself. “He’s a great guy, very supportive, very free with information,” Cloer says of Valli. “If we have any questions about his life, he shares ultimately how he wants to be portrayed. It’s great—but weird at the same time to play someone who’s sitting in the audience watching you play him. It can be a little freaky sometimes.”

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